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Make a statement! Make a puppet! You're sure to be stopped on the street as people gasp and ask if you make puppets or know folks that do? Good news... you do.... The Rogues! Available in both unisex and curvy fits.

This shirt is haunted

You might just need to call a priest wearing this haunted apparel with some slightly hidden delightful ghosties appearing in fun spots on the shirt. The back has the logos for our Kaidan Project: Alone app project and both Rogue and our dear friends East West Players. Support Rogue and the spirit world by sporting this tee. Available in both unisex and curvy fits.

This Shirt is Haunted - YOUTH

It’s the classic haunted tee in youth sizes!


Make Puppets Not War

Make this Trader Joe's employees giggle and ask if you're buying things to make puppets. This bag is a sturdy, all natural cotton, heavy duty tote capable of carring as much organic produce or local brews as you can muster.

This tote Is Haunted

We promise the haunting stops on the outside and won't harm the contents of your bag. This swanky all natural cotton tote has a zipper enclosure and also features a discreet zipper pouch on the inside.


Rogue Sticker Sheet

It's the official Rogue sticker one sheet clocking in at an impressive 8" X 10" and featuring 18 stickers with favorite characters, inspirational quotes and more.

Rogue Logo - Shiny

Get your Rogue sparkle on with this delightful 3" foil sticker and be impossible wherever you stick it.

Rogue Logo - TEAL

Show your spirit with the delightful new 3" official Rogue Logo and be impossible every single day.

Make Puppets Not War

Be a felt anarchist with this 3" sticker showing everyone where your federal funding priorities are.


Look, it's the 3" OG Rogue Logo, still a winner and although not being used today she will always remain in our fuzzy heart space.

Dogfish BRAND

Wood Boy Dog Fish brand sticker 3.5" square and all delight. Illustrated by Brian White.

Kill The Cricket

Kill the Cricket, the slogan from our production of Wood Boy Dog Fish and a plot point in the original Collodi novel.

Hasta La Vista

Eugenio Plummer's delightful likeness captured on an even more delightful sticker. Illustrated by Brian White.

I’m Not The Villain

Not every land shark is bad! This sticker is sure to turn heads and fins. Illustrated by Brian White.

Señor Plummer Poster

The incredible poster image shrunken down (gasp) onto a pocket sized sticker. Artwork by OTISWOODS.


This 3" and 4” sticker is haunted! Sport it on your laptop and keep the boss wondering if the ghosts are the secret of your productivity.


Your car will never drive the same once you ahere this classy 11" bumper sticker and leave people wondering if it's the sticker or the driver that's actually haunted.



Send a message from a fictional sea side resort town and confuse even the relatives who you thought were following your travel plans. This mail ready postcard is ready to accept your forever stamp of choice. Illustrated by Brian White.

Welcome to L.A.

This delightful postcard celebrating the wild and wondrous life of Mr. Plummer himself is painted by artist OTISWOODS.


Wood Boy

A wonderful illustration of the title character from Wood Boy Dog Fish in this print by illustrator and puppet designer Brian White. Comes in two sizes - 5" X 7" and 8" X 10"


Blue, ethereal and complex comes to light in this print by illustrator and puppet designer Brian White. Comes in two sizes - 5" X 7" and 8" X 10"


This clown faced showman is emblamized in this print by illustrator and puppet designer Brian White. Comes in two sizes - 5" X 7" and 8" X 10"


He's the MC of Funland and a menacing delight captured in this print by illustrator and puppet designer Brian White. Comes in two sizes - 5" X 7" and 8" X 10"

Dogfish Adventure Ride Poster

Inspired by the Storyland Book Canal attraction poster from Disneyland, this incredible Wood Boy Dog Fish print captures the mystery and magic of the famed Rogue production. Drawn by illustrator and puppet designer Brian White and comes in two sizes - 11" X 14" and 13" X 18" perfect for your wall art needs!

Kitsune Concept Design

Don't worry this Blue Kitsune, or fox spirit is just a piece of art and she won't haunt you. This art work was part of the orignal concepts created by Kaidan Project: Walls Grow thing and was illusrtrated by puppet designer Brian White and comes in two sizes 5" X 7" and 8" X 10"


Señor Plummer Book

Eugenio Plummer's autobiography was the basis for our production 'Señor Plummer's Final Fiesta' and now you can own it yourself and real all about the incredible life and times of this court reporter, eccentric and self declared inventor of the burrito. The book was originally published in 1943 and includes all the original content with an additional chapter about the theater production and Rogue. It's a guaranteed delight.

Frog Belly CD

It's the official CD soundtrack to our hit show 'Frog Belly Rat Bone' based on the book by Timothy Basil Ering with music by Tyler Stamets and John Nobori. Put that CD player in your car to good use as you sing these tunes on your next road trip.


Originally culled from the depths of Shoreside (from Wood Boy Dog Fish) this set of four fortune telling cards come with a super duper prediction on the back.

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