About the RoguEs

Bringing you fresh, Hyper-theater since 2004, proudly home-brewed in Los Angeles.


Rogue Artists Ensemble creates Hyper-theater: original, immersive, multi-dimensional experiences that celebrate the complexity and diversity of Los Angeles.


Reflecting the diversity and complexity of Los Angeles is a core value of Rogue Artists Ensemble. We believe storytelling can be a powerful platform for social change, and we strive to include a multitude of voices and perspectives in the planning and implementation of our artistic work and operations.  

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Tyler Bremer, Sean Cawelti, Wesley Charles Chew, Eric Fagundes, Elena Flores, Julia Garcia- Combs, McCristol Harris III, Amy Judd Lieberman, Kelsey Kato, Dillon Nelson, Stephanie O'neill,  Sarah Kay Peters, Jack Pullman, Keiana Richard, Alexis Nicole Robles, Emory Royston,  Chelsea Sutton, Miles Taber

associate artists

Christina Aimerito-Feinberg, Jason Anderson, Greg Ballora, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Cristina Bercowitz, Kristopher Lee Bicknell, Shannon G. Bicknell, Kristin Charney, Taylor Coffman, Gwyneth Connaway-Bennison, Francois-Pierre Couture, Dean Curosmith, Tom Dang, Matthew Patrick Davis, Mel Domingo*, Lisa Sanaye Dring, Stephen Elrod, Haylee Freeman, Austin Fresh, Estela Garcia, Joey Guthman, Sara Haddadin, Jazz Hager, Jessica Hanna, Peter Helstrom, Kerry Hennessy, Patrick Heyn, Matthew Hill, Heidi Hilliker, Nate Hodges, Jeremy Hohn, Mario Ibarra, Mark Jacobson, Sam Lopez, Rachel King, Tim Kopacz, Sarah Krainin, Nick Kunin, Amir Levi, Sam Lopez, Lori Meeker, Ben Messmer, Keith Mitchell, Sunita Mukhi, Jan Munroe, CinthiaNava-Palmer, Dallas Nichols, John Nobori, Leah Olbrich, Jenny Owings*, Victoria Pamlenyi, Maria Pasquarelli, Christine Papalexis, Ben Phelps, Adrien Prevost, Morgan Rebane, Jonathan Reich, Nicholas Robbins, Devin Schiro, Nina Silver, Tighe Skehan, Emily Stamets, Tyler Stamets*, Randi Tahara, Lara Thomas Ducey, Thu Tran, Paul Turbiak, Megan Wallace*, Alex Walters, Brian White
* denotes founding member


Margie Ratliff: Interim Chair
Sarah Meacham: Treasurer 
Sean Cawelti: Secretary
Allen Grogan
Dan Howe
Erica Ortega
Alexis Nicole Robles
Anthony Solario
Chris Wollman


Artistic Director: Sean Cawelti*
Managing Director: Alexis Nicole Robles
Associate Artistic Director: Chelsea Sutton
Publicist: Lucy Pollak
Bookkeeper: Dawn Alden


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