It’s easy to support the creation of original, adventurous, heart-felt, immersive experiences made by L.A. artists for Los Angeles.

Rogue Artists Ensemble is looking forward to our first full season since the world went awry ... 

help US TO Be Impossible

Support our 2024 season, including:
  • Happy Fall: A Queer Stunt Spectacular - Premiere!
  • Schlitzie: Alive and Inside the Decaying Sideshow - workshops!

How will these donations be making a difference?

Did you know it costs about $430 to pay for an actor's whole week of rehearsals? We're happy to say our most significant expense as an organization is ensuring we pay artists, performers, and theatre-makers for their time and your donations help make this possible!

We appreciate your help no matter the amount, as even just $20 can cover rehearsal space for an hour, $5 can help us buy supplies, and just sharing, helps get the word out about all Rogue has going on this year.

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All supporters get that special feeling of doing good, helping puppets and:

  • First dibs on tickets to Rogue shows
  • A 20% discount on purchases made at the Rogue online shop
  • Invitations to exclusive behind the scenes opportunities and meet the artists events
  • A special twice yearly newsletter, sharing tidbits from the Rogue imagination factory


Reccuring monthly donors also receive a special appreciation gift, mailed once a year directly to your door.


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