Kaidan Project: Alone

This time the haunted house comes to you. Look around.
You’re already there.


Where can I get Kaidan Project: Alone?

Kaidan Project: Alone is available for iOS and Android phones.

Do I need to be in Los Angeles to Play?

No! The main experience of the app including the three chapters and all the bells and whistles are playable by anyone, anywhere. The only aspect of the experience that is location specific is the GPS Ghost Tour of Little Tokyo and for that you need to be in Los Angeles.

Is this the same as the Kaidan Walls Grow Thin immersive theater experience?

No, this is a brand NEW story that is a spiritual successor to the original 2017 immersive theater production in Los Angeles. We think of the Kaidan Project as a universe that contains multiple stories and encounters… this is just one of them.

Do I need headphones?

Although you don’t need headphones we heartily recommend them for the optimal experience.

HELP, I’m Stuck!

If you’re in the home space (start of Chapter 1) try looking for the objects that are a different color and interact with them. 


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