Rogue Artists Ensemble has been creating original, site-specific works of immersive, genre defying art for over 20 years.

Our APPROACH is inclusive, collaborative, combustable and always VERY Rogue.

Connecting with the diverse, unique and culturally rich communities in Los Angeles is an essential component to all of Rogue’s work. We strive to build and strengthen our community by valuing what makes us different while embracing all the things that connect us. We are honored to have you as part of our community.

Dare to dream?


Rogue offers workshops for kids and adults to promote community building while learning the traditional artforms of mask making, puppetry and performance with an emphasis on process and exploration.

What we offer:
  • Rod Puppet Making and Performance
  • Bunraku Newspaper Puppets Making and Performance
  • Improv
  • Building Community through Theatre Games
  • Sock Puppet Making and Performance
  • Mask Making and Performance
  • Shadow Puppet Making and Performance
  • Play Creation


Community building is essential to all Rogue projects. We are excited to share that process with you as we build our Rogue community and help you to strengthn bonds within your own community. We work with community organizations, theatre companies, libraries and more.

What we offer:
  • Identity and cultural mapping activities
  • Community art projects
  • Theatre of the Oppressed based Image Theatre Work
  • Games for Community Building
  • Exploring Identity through mask making
  • Strategies and techniques to engage audiences before or after performances
  • Learning Through Play
  • Best practices to enfold community building into the culture of your organization
  • Sharing practices based in Council and Restorative Justice circles


During the depths of the pandemic, with theaters shuttered and Rogue wanting to give artists continued opportunities to share their work, we created the Rogue Academy.

We  created over a dozen videos with topics ranging from comedy to recording sound.

All the projects use simple materials (so you won’t need to leave your house) and provide buckets of ideas for puppet and art making.

A few videos are below and the full series can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

#RogueAcademyLA #RogueArtistsEnsemble

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