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Rogue Artists Ensemble’s Love Note is a free, interactive, solo audio expedition of your heart, taking place in West Hollywood’s Plummer Park, where audience members can activate sonic narrative experiences at eight unique stops throughout the park. Using only your cell phone and headphones, you’ll discover and listen to stories The Collector has compiled about romance, compassion, and connection, leading to a secret phone line, where your own love story will become part of The Collector’s archive.

Inspirational stories? Yes! Romance? Yup! Pathos? You betcha! The community-contributed stories recorded during the run will be then woven back into the experience to create an ever-evolving tapestry of voices calling out for love and belonging.

Love Note is a collaborative creation exploring the transcendence of love beyond identity, boundaries, and definitions. Significant contributions and performances are contributed by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The experience does contain some mature themes and is not recommended for children.

Conceptualized by Lori Meeker with Rogue Artists Ensemble

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Plummer Park, West Hollywood, 2021


Enjoy the original audio and feel the love.



Creative Team

Lori Meeker - Head Writer
Sean T. Cawelti - Artistic Production
Andrew Tarr - Composer
Andrea Allmond - Composer, Sound Design
Stephanie O’Neill - Production Manager
Illustration - Erick Martinez
Diana Burbano - Contributing Artist
Lisa Dring - Contributing Artist
Mildred Lewis - Contributing Artist
Roger Q Mason - Contributing Artist
Jan Munroe - Contributing Artist
Sarah Kay Peters - Contributing Artist
Marta Portillo - Contributing Artist
Araceli Prasarttongosoth - Contributing Artist
Tiana Randall-Quant - Contributing Artist
Celia Mandela Rivera - Contributing Artist
Brian Sonia Wallace - Contributing Artist


Diana Burbano  
Tom Dang
Lisa Sanaye Dring 
Elena Goldenberg  
Roger Q Mason  
Jan Munroe  
Sarah Kay Peters 
Marta Portillo  
Araceli Prasarttongosoth  
Tiana Randall-Quant  
Celia Mandela Rivera 
Carene Rose Mekertichyan
Lionel Shelton 
Brian Sonia Wallace


City of West Hollywood One City One Pride, City of West Hollywood Arts Commission

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