MR. Punch

Based on the famed graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean

One cannot lie when one writes the truth in blood.

Based the graphic novel by internationally acclaimed artists Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (creators of the Sandman comics, and Henson Pictures’ MIRRORMASK) and adapted for the stage by Hyper-theater mavericks Rogue Artists Ensemble, Mr. Punch features a dizzying array of visual elements that will make you feel as though you have stepped into the pages of a graphic novel.

Mr. Punch is a twisted tale of murder that explores the oft-fragmented nature of memory, the innocence of childhood and the pain of adulthood. This dark fable set in a rundown sea side arcade, blurs the line between what is a puppet show and real life. There every man becomes enamored with a Mermaid and only Mr. Punch can destroy the Devil.

As Judy, dear Judy herself says, “….it's started now, and it can't be stopped, not even if the Devil and all his crocodiles came up from hell to stop it.”

Important Note: This production contains adult themes and imagery and is not recommended for young children.


Theatre/ Theater, Los Angeles- July 18 - August 31, 2008
Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles- April 27 - May 27, 2007


“The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch” is an otherworldly phantasmagoria. Under Sean T. Cawelti’s protean direction, the show is a feast for the senses...“ - Variety
 “With all of its elaborate imagery, "Mr. Punch" is a fascinating look at the nature of memory and childhood. Like a Punch and Judy Show, unpleasant memories of the past can run through our heads repeatedly, with fact bleeding into fantasy, and it’s up to us to ensure that Mr. Punch does not get the last laugh.“ - LA Splash
“Presiding over the whole, Cawelti brings military precision to this near-faultless production, which, although definitely not for children, might well awaken any adult’s traumatized inner child.” - LA Times
“But the avant-garde is often its own reward, and this is true of "Mr. Punch's" incredible displays of puppetry. Ranging in size and style from a baby's face crudely drawn on a ball on the end of a stick to a massive, dragon-sized crocodile with glowing eyes, the Rogues breathe life into Gaiman and McKean's imaginative dream sequences and madcap interpretations of the classic Punch and Judy show.” - 


Creative Team

Sean Cawelti - Writer/ Director
Miles Taber - Writer
Cari Turley - Managing Director
Scott Westra - Casting Director
Joe Soto - Stage Manager
Trisha Seidlecki - Assistant Stage Manager
Tyler Stamets - Production Mgr / Technical Director
Katie Polebaum - Asst. Technical Director
Jessica Hana - Producer, Bootleg Theater
Lucy Polak - Press
Mike Rubio - Light Board Operator
Alan Cook - Puppetergy
Mel Domingo - Lighting Design
Haylee Freeman - Assistant Lighting Design
Brian White - Video Designer
Simon Edelman - Assistant Video Design
Paul St. Peter - Dialect Coach
Nate Hodges - Choreography
Joyce Hutter - Puppet Design
Leslie Gray - Puppet Design
Ben Phelps - Composer
John Nobori - Sound Design
Kerry Hennessy - Costume Design
Wes Crain - Puppet Design
Joel Daavid - Scenic Design
Patrick Rubio - Mask Design
Danny Montooth - Assistant Mask Design
Megan Owings - Dramaturge
Nadia Reed - Scenic Painter
Emily Coalson - Box Office Manager / Press Coordinator

PERFORMERS - The Bootleg

Connor Merkovitch - The Boy
Sean Eaton - The Boy
Miles Taber - The Man
Tom Ashworth - Swatchell
Kerr Seth Lordygan - Morton
Nina Silver - The Mermaid
Dana Kelly - The Grandfather
Don Allen - The Bottler
Matt Ritchey - Understudy
Cari Turley -  Puppeteer

PERFORMERS - Theater / Theatre

Dalton O'Dell - The Boy
Miles Taber - The Man
Tom Ashworth - Swatchell
Lucas Salazar - Morton
Nina Silver - The Mermaid
Dana Kelly - The Grandfather
Eric Fagundes - The Bottler
Matt Ritchey - Understudy
Cari Turley -  Puppeteer


The Jim Henson Foundation, City of Los Angeles Department of Culutural Affairs, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

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