Produced in associate with the Bootleg and Garry Marshall Theatre.

Welcome to shoreside, Beware the Dog Fish

In this delightfully macabre take on The Adventures of Pinocchio, the cricket is killed, a blue poltergeist haunts us all, the legendary Dogfish monster preys on our greatest fears and a little wooden puppet struggles to discover what it means to be real.

This new production of Wood Boy Dog Fish is more dangerous and immersive than ever before, with new scenes, music, puppets, masks and special effects. The action is set in the tumbledown town of Shoreside, a tourist trap built around the legend of a terrible sea monster — the Dogfish. The Wood Boy Dog Fish experience begins one hour before show time, just inside the gates of the Garry Marshall Theatre. Audiences are immersed in the mysterious and quirky carnival world with games, food, drink and surprises before they even find their seats.

Wood Boy Dog Fish is a visual feast that combines masks, highly expressive physical performance, dance, interactive sets, multiple puppetry traditions, projected media and sophisticated special effects and illusions — including 3D enhancement — to transport audiences inside an old carnival ride.



Garry Marshall Theatre, 2018
 The Bootleg, 2015 
 Mack Sennett Studios, 2013 (Staged Reading)
L.A. Mart, 2012 (Workshop)


“WOW!... DELICIOUSLY TWISTED… terrific news for those who like their fairy tales dark and dirty and theatrically magical.” - Stage Scene LA
  “SPECTACULAR... amazing visuals… a heartfelt illustration of the redemptive power of love.” - Broadway World 
“A THRILLING spectacle of sight and sound” — Ivan Steel Presents
“A WILD AND ZANY RIDE… astounding costumes and masks, original music and phenomenal stage effects” — LA Splash
“A BREATHTAKING FEAT OF THEATER… wildly imaginative… A dizzying fusion of sound, lights, puppets, masks and music… the Pinocchio puppet is a spectacular creation.” — Los Angeles Times
“RECOMMENDED… STAGE RAW TOP 10… a toy-box of visual wit” — Stage Raw
“BLEW ME AWAY… delightfully dark in all the best ways…one show you do not want to miss.” — Horror Buzz
 “MAD INVENTIVENESS… magically combines its [grim] vision with buoyant comedy and colorful spectacle…  an overwhelming sensory feast… a dazzling romp through the dark side” — Theatre Ghost



Creative Team

Chelsea Sutton - Playwright
Sean Cawelti - Director, Mask & Puppet Design
Dylan Southard - Dramaturg  
Anil Margsahayam - Production Manager
Amanda Eno - Stage Manager
Leah Harmon - Stage Manager ** 
Adrien Prévost - Composer  
Francois-Pierre Couture - Scenic Design 
Matthew G. Hill - Scenic Design
Brandon Baruch - Lighting Design **
Joey Guthman - Lighting Design
Stephen Swift - Sound Design
Kerry Hennessey - Costume Design **
Lori Meeker - Costume Design
Jocelyn Pazos - Hair and Makeup Design
Erica Romero - Hair and Makeup Design
Greg Ballora - Mask & Puppet Design
Cristina Bercowitz - Mask & Puppet Design 
Christine Papalexis - Mask & Puppet Design 
Jack Pullman - Mask & Puppet Design 
Morgan Rebane - Mask & Puppet Design
Emory Royston - Mask & Puppet Design
Miles Taber - Mask & Puppet Design 
Brian White  - Mask & Puppet Design, Illustrator 
Jason Anderson - Properties Design
Dillon Nelson - Properties Design **
Victoria Pamlenyi - Properties Design
Dallas Nichols - Projection Design
Nate Hodges - Choreography
Jan Munroe - Movement Coach
Lorne Reitzenstein - Technical Director, Assistant Scenic Design
Ben Warren - Technical Director
Lauren Wemischner - Assistant Lighting Design   
Noelle Hoffman - Assistant Sound Design
Jazz Hager - Assistant Costume Design, Wardrobe Superviser
Effy Yany - Projection Assistant
Shannon O’Donnell - ASL Consultant  
Jeremy Hohn - Casting Director 
Danielle Arellano - Assistant Stage Manager
Jessica Morataya - Assistant Stage Manager 
Carme Pitrello - Master Electrician **
Rebecca Raines - Master Electrician
Jeanne Valleroy - Sound Mixer
Josh Aguilar - Deck-Electrician  
Devin Schiro - Videographer 
Lucy Pollack - Publicist

** The Bootleg 2015 production only

PERFORMERS - Garry Marshall Theatre

Tyler Bremer - Cat
Lisa Sanaye Dring - Wick
Tane Kawasaki - Blue
Amir Levi - Fox
Rudy Martinez - Wood Boy
Ben Messmer - Geppetto
Sarah Kay Peters - Puppeteer
Keiana  Richàrd - Fire Eater 
Emory Royston - Puppeteer
Miles Taber - MC of Funland
Paul Turbiak - Dogfish, Cricket
Jamie Lynn Beatty - Understudy
John Daly - Understudy
JoBeth Wagner - Understudy

PERFORMERS - The Bootleg

Lisa Sanaye Dring - Puppeteer, Ensemble  
Jeremy Charles Hohn - Dogfish, Ensemble
Willem Long - Cat, Ensemble
Veronica Mannion - Wick, Ensemble
Rudy Martinez - Wood Boy 
Ben Messmer - Geppetto
Stephanie O’Neill -Fox, Ensemble
Emory Royston - Puppeteer, Ensemble
Nina Silver - Blue
Miles Taber - Mc of Funland, Ensemble
Paul Turbiak Fire Eater, Ensemble
Eric Faguntes - Understudy
Zoe Yale - Understudy

Development Team

Kristopher Bicknell
Sean T. Cawelti
Kerry Hennessey
Matthew G. Hill
Lynn Jeffries
Ego Plum
Chelsea Sutton


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